Thursday, February 19, 2009

about me.

"pine to the pacific, bush to the bay. fell to the fog, oak to oakland."
-- some smart person when learning to navigate san francisco streets a long time ago.

hello loves! i'm kelly, a 27-year-old san franciscan who loves this city and hearing the foghorns every night from the marina. i have a real job for a dot com, a second passionate job as a photographer, and a hobby for obsessing over the giants and traveling. i hope you enjoy this blog, and please say hi! pinetothepacific[at]

some of my very favorite posts:


catkozuch said...

You are beautiful Kelly! Your blog is so cute and you are a very talented photographer! keep up the amazing work :) xo

Cait Emma said...

I just moved to CA for a Masters program and I love it here. Your blog is beautiful xo



The One and Only said...

I just saw your post about finger knitting, which I'm so going to try, but also wanted to give you a huge SHOUT OUT since you are in the Bay!! I've lived everyway from Daly City, to Oakland, to Fairfield and am now residing in Tracy.....thanks for being a fabulous member of the Bay Area Society!! xoxox

Chelsea said...

You're about me photo on the side bar is so adorable! The petticoat? Love it! xo

Ashley said...

Just found your blog and so glad I did! So lovely!

"pine to the pacific, bush to the bay. fell to the fog, oak to oakland."

And this just changed my life! I visit SF often (only live 3 hours away)!

Michelle Foster said...

Just came across your blog on the SoHO blog and so happy I did. Love your photos! Can't wait to see more :)
-Michelle {LiveLoudly}

Go Seattle Mariners ;)