Tuesday, March 17, 2009

favorite place no. 1 : crown & crumpet

nestled in the heart of ghirardelli square is a teensy gem called crown & crumpet.

c&c is a tea house; charming, sweet, girly, and...pink.  like, sprinkled-with-fairy-dust-PINK.

for some reason, i absolutely adore this place.

the tea selection is ridiculous, first of all, and i am MUCH more of a coffee person.  my absolute fave is the parisian blend, which is wafting with vanilla-y goodness.

after you order your tea, it shows up with an individual pot for each person, complete with a sweet tea cozy.  the sugar cubes are PINK stars and hearts (are you gagging yet?), and the tables and walls are lined with vintage florals.

and, of course, you can wear pretty frocks and pearls and act like fools.  win/win situation.

so, the next time you're in the mood for dress-up and/or delicious tea, crown & crumpet has you covered...{with sugar}.

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