Sunday, March 22, 2009

gifts from oz.

one of dearest friends is miss ping, my former co-worker and general partner in crime from my days in london.  around the same time that i moved back to the US, ping moved back to australia.  we keep in touch (aided by facebook, these days) and lately have started the best gift exchange.

{ at the england vs. australia rugby match @ twickenham, outside london.  2005 } 

ping desperately wanted the official obama inauguration poster, which could only be purchased by a US citizen with a US address, as it's technically a campaign contribution.  i bought 2 of these and shipped them off to australia last month (funny to me that it's such a hot commodity there!). ping asked if she could pay me, and i decided that there is something out better than money : PROMITE!

now, if you've tried it, you'll know this salty, amazing spread is not like marmite or is simply...bliss.  and incredibly hard to find in the US.  so i asked for a jar in return, and look at what showed up on my doorstep yesterday:

not one, but THREE jars!  and some delicious strawberry freddos and caramel koalas (aussie delicacies, yes?)

i think i got the better end of this deal.  mmm.

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