Sunday, April 12, 2009

because i know you've been wondering...

brit was amazing.


circus performers, a bajillion outfit changes, and brilliant lip-synching {cause who are we kidding here} alongside some great choreography.  i don't know when i started loving this girl so very much, but i became a 12 year old fangirl REAL FAST.

part of that may be that my acquaintance on the tour {who is now obviously my best friend} gave us the vip treatment and placed us ringside.  where there are thrones.  and where we were watching alongside the pussycat dolls.

soooo umm yeah, pretty cool?  i go to a lot of concerts, work on a lot of big tours, and i have never EVER geeked out the way i did when britney was 2 feet away making eye contact.  BIG LIFE MOMENT here, people.

can you see the joy in our eyes?

MANY more pics can be found {here} if you're into that sort of thing.  don't deny are.

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