Tuesday, April 28, 2009

favorite place no. 5 : amante

i have been wanting to write about amante for awhile, so i started looking through iphoto and flickr for some good pictures.

turns out, when i really love a bar i am apparently more preoccupied with having fun than taking pictures.

amante is truly wonderful - a teeny bar in north beach full of awesome music, and pretty much always our first stop on a night out. the main reason for this is their delectable pineapple-infused vodka. yes, you heard me. they have a lemonade-dispenser-ish thing where they have whole pineapples sitting in skyy vodka for 3 days. it is served, shaken over ice, into a martini glass, producing a weirdly great foam and a potent, refreshing cocktail.

it is also the best thing in the land, and i say {without ANY hesitation} my favorite drink i have ever had in this city.

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