Monday, April 27, 2009

if you're looking to waste some time...

i've got you covered:

aka, God's gift to commercial breaks.  i seriously just have this open in my laptop for me to plug some pics into.  it is WILDLY entertaining.

for example, while watching gossip girl, julia and i got REALLY into it:

and then i decided that i like nelly furtado's hair on me.

and then i sang with johnny cash.

and reminded myself to go to the gym (but was pretty impressed that my hair color matches j-simp's so well).

and then stopped into my favorite movie ever.

and took a trip to india.

and then hit up nick at nite.

oh hello, brit brit.

and marie antoinette.

in conclusion, i put my sister and brother-in-law in there with me...

i am asking, nay, BEGGING you to make some of these and share them with me.  just find a few good pic options of yourself and start plugging away.  i'm sure i'll be back with more later this week...there were some good pro wrestler scenes i need to explore.


missysoupy said...

Wow -- Fred makes a surprisingly good conehead!

Katie said...

Ha ha ha... you make me laugh! Those pics were so funny and I love that Fred and I were featured too. We'll have to play around with the site some more - it looks fun. :)