Wednesday, April 1, 2009

oh canada // sasha fierce

it has been quite the crazy few days, full of 4am wake up calls, sore feet, and plenty of travel.

i went up north to lovely canada for the start of miss bey's tour - and friends, she is ridiculous.

{ i was standing with this photographer when he took this shot, at the very beginning of her show.  we were both like, um.  amazing. }

lots of hard work, but clearly lots of fun.  i forgot how many destiny's child songs i loved in high school...visions of rockin out in the old honda del sol flooded over me during "bug a boo", "say my name", "jumpin jumpin"...seriously.  and who can forget that when my lovely sister announced her engagement at mt. meadow, i was in the pool performing a "synchronized swimming" routine to "bootylicious" with julie, shosh, and kate??  haha!  oh bey, we go back a long time.

most amusing recurring theme was the reaction to my credential - i used my old sacramento kings media guide pic from the '07 - '08 season, and every single security person at the show went with "WOW you used to be tan!  is san francisco cloudy?"  thanks guys.

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