Saturday, April 25, 2009

favorite place no. 4 : stow lake

yesterday kelly stew's co-worker michelle was telling us about a personality test where you are determined to be a number between 1 and 9 {the enneagram test}. she pretty quickly told me that i am a seven, who are the people always looking for their next adventure and fun time.

i tell you this because last night i also proclaimed that we should probably go to brunch and then take boats out stow lake the next day and just expected everyone to agree with me. i like fun, ok?

i rounded up the three chickadees and we headed to perry's on union and then golden gate park.

the stewart sisters enjoyed some sisterly bonding in the greenery.
we opted for the pedal boat instead of a rowboat, and we were pretty excited about getting out there.we saw a girl scout troop dressed as pirates out there - good idea, ladies. we were jealous (though i cranked some tunes on my iphone while we meandered by the waterfalls and chinese tea house).

post-boating we grabbed some snackies at the concessions...icees are the grandest treat.

we then hiked down to the pioneer house to see the haunted statue of stow lake. if had been a foggy night i am pretty certain we would have heard the crying children and ghosts...yep.

and finally, i made the girls pose for me one last time. good little models!

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