Tuesday, April 21, 2009

viva los gigantes!

i went to my first giants game of the year tonight with cody.  we decided this game was amazing for several reasons.

{one} hot dog baby.  self explanatory: a few rows away a baby was dressed as a hot dog. AMAZING! all babies should dress like this from now on.

{two} a grand slam. to quote the giants' twitter: "Renteria hits a revenge salami!" love it.

{three} pink sunset. i didn't think to capture this when it was super vibrant, but the tail end of this sunset is still gorge.

{four} "the smell of fresh-cut grass. ladies love it." this is a quote from the stand-up gentleman we bought our tickets from.  we normally wouldn't go to a scalper but there was a line of about 200 people at the box office - what the heck, sf?  anyway, we were convinced to take our 5th-row third baseline tix with that artistic description.

{five} a "colorful" bus ride home.  cody is new to the city, kind of afraid of the bus, and managed to cause a few hilarious scenes.  i love muni.

{six} giants win.  nuff said!

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