Tuesday, April 7, 2009

why is it, exactly,

that every year on april 7 i wake up, smile, and remember that it is my junior high crush's birthday.  this thought springs into my head when my alarm goes off like, "ahhh of course!  i should probably call him!  except that we haven't talked since english class right before high school graduation..."

{incidentally, i still remember his 7th grade locker number - 211 - as well.  to put this in perspective, today i forgot my OFFICE PHONE NUMBER while on a conference call and was asked directly for it.  priorities, clearly.}

these memories have made me laugh all day, as does the following picture of me (with jules -sorry for this) representing both ucla and orthodontia simultaneously at arcade middle school.  the inchworm sticker (?) is because this is from a yearbook.  sigh.

ANYWAY, happy birthday to 7th grade keith.  thanks for the (ridiculously clear) memories.


Julie said...

ahh, birthday wishes to the "sweatshirt wearer"... what a great nickname that was in 7th grade. P.S. hope we take better pics this weekend than that one!

Julie said...

also... don't you still have the pen he signed your yearbook with...? HAHAHA.

kelly said...

i actually thought about mentioning that, but didn't want to scare my family into realizing what a stalker i am!