Saturday, May 16, 2009

heat wave

it. is. so. hot.

san francisco is unprepared for these extreme temps.  one hour-long sweaty bus ride later and i'm sprawled out in my oven-like apartment wondering if i should go sit in my car, just for the A/C.

this weekend involves 2 nights of bachelorette party, 2 giants games, 2 nba game 7s, 1 photoshoot, and oh yeah, bay to breakers.

i may not make it.

as a parting note please see zaza in her giants hat in the legends club at today's giants game. amazing.


Soon to be Mrs. G said...

ugh...i couldn't agree more...just got home from the longest weekend in SF ever...male strippers, asia sf and bay to breakers included...gross

kelly said...

omg...look at you go! i'm doing Asia SF on Saturday - scary.

aaaand i will see you in less than 2 weeks!