Saturday, May 9, 2009


sometimes i carpool to work with cody {usually when he feels like driving, otherwise i bus it}. he is a morning person; i am absolutely not.  his energy and vigor pre-8am seriously freaks me out.

on thursday he pulls up and is like, "i brought you a present. it's a mannequin arm!  i found it on lombard street!"

i stare blankly.

"yeah, i wanted to take the whole mannequin but it wouldn't fit in my car."

the mannequin arm then rides to work in my lap.  i am sleepy and confused, laughing in bewilderment.  cody is cracking up.

we left it by a telephone pole at his parking spot.

at lunch, it was gone.

{i assume picked up by another free-wheeling person wanting to amuse/confuse their friends.}

i still feel like that was all a dream.

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