Wednesday, May 20, 2009

model friends : jess

i have been SO excited to post some pictures from a weekend shoot i did with the lovely jess chamberlain.

jess is a writer for sunset magazine and their home blog, and also guest blogs for some really fabulous sites like design*sponge.  she will soon be a guest curator for etsy's storque, so she asked me if i could take some new head shots so she'd have a good current pic.

despite saturday being the hottest, windiest, most ridiculously difficult day of the year, we got some gorgeous shots {doesn't hurt that she is absolutely stunning}.

i have about 100 shots that look like the below because i kept telling the worst jokes. {example: what did the fish say when he ran into the wall?  DAM!}  i love this sequence though:

it was so much fun shooting and catching up - for every minute spent posing/photographing we spent twice as many chatting about everything under the sun.

jess is also a photographer and taking nicole's 101 class, so even i got some time in front of the lens - woo!

i'll post the link to her etsy guest curator posts soon!  thanks for such a fun day, jess!

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