Sunday, June 7, 2009

44 cable 12!

there are these ridiculous commercials that run in sf on the local CW channel {couldn't find a real one on youtube but a sort-of example here} during amazing shows like gossip girl. they feature people on the streets of sf rockin out to this addictive song and singing a very passionate: "44 cable TWELVVVVE!"

for some reason, misha and julia bonded over their mutual love/obsession of these, and both randomly sing that all the time.

imagine our surprise when...

yes, my babies are going to be stars. SO HILARIOUS.
they told misha to dance and i don't think they knew what was coming...

i truly cannot wait until this airs. what a magical day.

we collected our 90210 sunglasses {a thank you for our participation} and continued on through the festival, with a pit stop to kiss some edward cullen. mmhmm.

{p.s. see all the union street weekend pics here}

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