Sunday, June 21, 2009

the definition of "ill-advised"

yesterday began innocently - a jog, some work on this tour, lunch with cody, a trip to the apple store, some more work. but after 45 minutes of hgtv playing in the background of my emailing, i got this glimmer in my mind of completely reorganizing my closet. 

this is where my downfall began.

now, this is super embarrassing, but my closet looked like this after a few weeks of serious neglect:

{side 1 : entrance from my room}
{side 2 : entrance from the living room. yes we live in a weird old san francisco apartment where my closet is essentially a passageway between rooms.}I KNOW. horrifying. so, i emptied it to start over. and it looked all nice again:

but my living room looked like it had been attacked. but really, i organized this into piles. no really.

i quickly became overwhelmed. obviously. and every time i'd get back in there to hang, my blackberry would go off and i'd have a mini panic attack. super fun times in my apartment, guys!

after an emergency trip out of the city to target {seriously, salvation} and the purchase of a variety of closet organizers, i was in business.  i finished around midnight and snapped these this morning.

{living room side}
{love my organizers. shoes were a big part of the prob before.}
{bedroom side. with little stacking shelves for clutches, running shoes, etc.}
so, in the end : victory. but so, so painful getting there.

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Soon to be Mrs. G said...

Oh my gosh...I felt the anxiety for you! So glad you have this under control now!