Friday, June 19, 2009

flashback friday

i haven't done a flashback friday in awhile, and what better time than when i'm procrastinating working on miss bey's north american tour kickoff? 

{sidenote: i have found that i actually CAN do good work from my bed...
tucked under the covers...with my laptop. ha.}

this is me, at the wheel in an old vehicle at what i am 99% sure is mountain meadow {parents, can you clarify?}, aka my vacation destination in one mere week from now.

just thinking of the lack of phones...and no blackberries...and no utter absence of email...i cannot wait to be here.


Mom & Dad said...

Sorry, Kelly. I don't think they had many right-hand drive vehicles at MM. Looking at the wire grid where the window should be, I'm guessing this was at one of those Wild Animal Park places. Love, Dad.

kelly said...

haha! i didn't even notice that. thank you father.