Monday, June 1, 2009

pink & green.

julie threw the most gorgeous bridal shower for mary yesterday:
so pink, green, and utterly lovely.

{the bride and her sweet sisters.}
julie channeled martha stewart with the glazed lemon cookies. i took a bag of these back to san francisco and ate them for breakfast today with my latte.  sophisticated, i know.

{dress theme of the season: orange.}

how amazing are those poms from the above pictures? i told julie she is responsible for my wedding {surely sometime around 2025} so she should start making the poms now. yellow, please!

{miss jackie.}
as games chairwoman {official title} i wanted to spice things up and make different activities than your usual toilet paper dress situations. apparently my target audience are 25-year-old US Weekly readers, as my celebrity wedding dress match game and name that love tune creations proved. mary's grandma was shockingly not familiar with fergie's fashion sense or usher's "make love in this club". hm!

{gift time.}
{darling flower girl / wrapping paper cleaner-upper. she is efficient!}
i don't even want to explain what's going on below. oh saucy lingerie.

mary got super cute tanks for the bridal party which we needed to immediately sport.

what a fabulous afternoon with all of my childhood girls. one final shout-out to our hostess with the mostess:

{you can see all the photos from the day here.}


Soon to be Mrs. G said...

Yay! I have been awaiting this post alll day! Thank you for taking such gorgeous pictures and let me know where I can find the others!

kelly said...

you are quick on the trigger, missy! haha! i had so much fun. xo

Soon to be Mrs. G said...

Haha...Google Reader popped up with a new post and I just had to check it out! I had so much fun and thanks :)