Wednesday, July 22, 2009

favorite place no. 6 : sam's

"the coldest winter i ever spent
was a summer in san francisco."
- mark twain

today the temperature did not hit 60 degrees.

that's right...california in july, and winter coats and boots are all over this city. so, as i was sorting through pictures and saw these from a couple weekends ago i figured i should post them in an attempt to will the weather into decency again.

sam's is an amazing waterfront restaurant & bar located in tiburon, just across the water from my home in the sf marina. you can reach it by ferry or a quick drive over the golden gate.

when the weather is sunny and beautiful, it is PACKED.

we sat in the outdoor bar area for about 2 hours waiting for our table, sipping on curzon rum and cream soda, one of their signature drinks {i know, boozin a little early, but it was a friday off from work}.

the food is super yummy,
and the waiters even make tents for your fries so the seagulls won't make off with them {genius}!

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