Sunday, July 19, 2009

jenny + dan = love

j&d are hitched!

yesterday was a perfect day with so many good friends.

jenny and dan married at the bel air presbyterian church,
high up on a hill with absolutely stunning views.

there were no photos allowed during the {beautiful, intimate, romantic} ceremony, but we certainly compensated outside after it was over!

this one taken by tyler : "ohhhh that's a keeper!"

the stunning bride.

the reception was at the malibu west beach club, and looked like a scene from a postcard.

there were bright pink and blue accents everywhere to go with the beachy tans and whites.

we enjoyed gin & lemonade cocktails {so delish} and mango quesadillas while the sun set and we prepared for a fabulous dinner.

after the meal we caught up with jenny some more,
and she jokingly demonstrated how the LA paparazzi were out in full effect.

what a perfect evening o' love.

for more wedding & reception pics {dancing, silliness, and a behind-the-back garter catch (wow!)} you can visit my full album here.

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