Sunday, July 26, 2009

rosalie + colin = <3

another weekend, another wedding - the story of my summer o' love.

my lovely sister, on the right, was a bridesmaid in this beautiful affair.

rosalie and colin were married at the santa maria church in orinda.

this wedding was amazing in so many ways, but mostly for its multi-cultural touches. rosalie had her family from the philippines, colin had his family of scottish descent, and they melded together in such a fun celebration.

bagpipes were of course necessary:

after the ceremony we headed to the orinda country club, which has a gorgeous natural setting.

this weekend we received so many comments about how we look alike, even someone asking if we are twins. i'm like...ahem...she is 5 years older. THANKS.

{jk, kate. love you.}
everyone at our table during dinner would go raid the candy jars for laffy taffy...yum.

just evidence of my four, yes FOUR, drink options during dinner. not sure how that happened?

rose and colin had two amazing wedding cakes...guess who the eagles fan is. he didn't even want to cut the helmet because it was sacrilege!

father-daughter dance.
the beautiful architecture of the country club.

the newlyweds started their first dance with a very slow, romantic waltz...

and it was a total fakeout.

15 seconds later, sexyback was blaring and the choreography was busted out. hilarious.

men in kilts certainly liven up a celebration.

congratulations to the happy couple!


Soon to be Mrs. G said...

Ooh...did the single ladies dance appear as well??

kelly said...

haha YES...we busted the moves pretty well! i can perform for you in the hotel this weekend if you'd like an encore.

Suzette said...

love your blog kelly!! will you send me your wedding pics? i want to create a massive file for the happy couple since they want everyone's photos :)

Curtis Copeland said...

Wow! Fantastic wedding photography. Love your work. Thanks for sharing!