Friday, August 21, 2009

different strokes.

i {along with many, many other bloggers} am basically obsessed with the jeffrey campbell unicorn heels.

yes, they are sort of insane, yes they are 121 buckaroos, but they are impossibly hard to find and amazing.

today, lulus got a shipment. i excitedly clicked the link to debate if i should do it, and cody asked to see too. after informing me that "buying these costs as much as a pair of jordans" he informed me that they are atrocious, hideous, ludicrous, etc.

this opinion was confirmed by several other co-workers.

ha. am i the delusional one? guess so.

so, despite my crazy love for such a weird costume shoe, i am opting to save my $121 and perhaps use it toward the new bedding below.

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