Monday, August 3, 2009

mary + ryan = <3

aaaand away we go!

after our fun rehearsal night, we woke up bright and early for hair and makeup.

we snuck outside for the maid of honor, julie, to practice her speech in the hallway {jackie's sunglasses are hilarious}.

after getting the dress and veil on, all of the girls lost our composure and the tears came a'flowin. mary laughed at us. haha.

we did tons of pictures in and near the hotel. during some downtime the ring bearers wanted to go fishing in the fountain for pennies.

after pictures we loaded up our limo {and more of our cute canned champagne} for the ride to clarksburg.

when we got to the venue i snapped a quick pic of the lovely maid of honor and bride. so pretty.

we then had some much-needed downtime inside the house to just relax before the ceremony.

the sweet flowergirl, kendall, came to join us.

mary sneaking a peek at the guests arriving...i love this one!

now here's where i have a sad {but necessary} gap in my photos, since i was IN the wedding! it was a beautiful and extremely fun ceremony...just like the happy couple.

some wedding details:

as the sun set everyone got ready to party...

they had a super fun cigar bar set up behind the regular bar...and since i'd never smoked one we decided to give it a go...and shared one cigar with like 6 people. hah.

the dance party raged for hours and was SUCH a fabulous time!

and i saved my favorite picture of mr. & mrs. g for the end :

i love you guys! have a great honeymoon.

{for a million more pics, visit my flickr album}

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Katie said...

I love the pics. The one of you and Julie is such a great one and I also love the one you took of Mary sitting down with her veil on before the ceremony. So beautiful!