Wednesday, September 23, 2009

la vie francaise.

i am totally a francophile {when i'm not busy being an anglophile}.

i loooove french history, speaking french, and visiting france. i've noticed myself really missing the french classes i took at l'alliance francaise when i lived in sacramento. i might enroll here in sf, but in the meantime, i've compiled a list of my current french obsessions for you...
  • stephmodo and her husband bought a 500-year-old stone cottage at the base of a castle in rural france and spent months documenting the renovation. it is amazing! see the first post and last post, but if you want to read the whole journey {so worth it} click on the tag "la maisonette" and you can read the archives. wow.
  • sacres couers is such a sweet blog that i discovered when lucie commented here. such neat pictures and the duel french-english helps me make sure i know what i'm reading...heh.
  • i've been using downtime at work to listen to these coffee break french podcasts {which are sort of hilarious because the teachers have incredibly thick irish accents}. they're simple, a great refresher, and FREE {love that}.
  • and, just for fun {and not current}, a photo from halloween last year when i wore my favorite costume - marie antoinette. nothing like a sky-high wig to get some attention. i need to figure out this year's costume asap!


Lucie said...

Thank you lady :) !
I'm glad i've discovered your blog too

Stephanie said...

Thank you for featuring our little cottage!