Tuesday, September 15, 2009

magazine cover

i have a very tolerant roommate who graciously poses for any photo projects i have.

this saturday i caught her on her way out the door, begged for a second, and had her put on some {totally norm} deep-red lips. i laughed as we set up this totally low-budg situation in our kitchen...she was seriously leaning against our wine fridge for this first one.

i am more of a fan of the above - men's tuxedo shirt, heavily backlit, soft on the face.

but, just for fun, we also went for a typical lady mag - big smile, flowing hair, and the jewelry pose. i think she looks fab!

the best part about this is when i went to upload these to our class website, i saw that others did like, real simple/good housekeeping...why did that not cross my mind?? would have been so much easier. ha. love the portraits.


St├ęphanie said...

Nice !

Greg and Vanessa said...

i lOVE her eye color... green/hazel-green? my eyes are green...i wish we lived closer and i could be your photo subject for a day! lol :)

kelly said...

vanessa, i'd love that! i am always begging my friends to help me...haha.