Wednesday, September 30, 2009

favorite place no. 10 : tapas.

{ok...sort of cheating because i'm not narrowing this to one specific place. but it still works.}

in the past few months, kelly stew and i find ourselves going to eat at tapas restaurants all the time, and we are pretty obsessed.
there is something so fun about ordering a large variety of very small bites {and washing them down with sangria, usually}. it makes for a very social meal.

{at cha cha cha}
last night she took me to loló in the mission, and it was divine. i am going to start compiling a list of the great ones for future reference {and cause it's fun to add on by trying new restaurants}.

our faves:
  1. loló - san francisco {mission}
  2. cha cha cha - san francisco {haight ashbury}
  3. andalu - san francisco {mission}
  4. firefly - las vegas {off the strip...and so worth it!}

{at firefly with a group of babes}
our next stop needs to be iluna basque in north beach, home to this season's lovable frenchy-poo top chef contestant mattin!

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