Tuesday, October 27, 2009

candy alert!

reason #842 why i love halloween : candy.

my fave is the tootsie roll variety pack that is only out in october {ed note: this is solely in my head that it is limited-edition, as i'm sure that nowadays, with y'know, the internet, i could get this year-round}.

however, i do not care about the brown tootsie rolls, nor the pops, nor the dots, but solely...flavored tootsie rolls!

shown in order of preference, natch:

{how much fun is photographing candy? new hobby.}

what's your fave?


Dan said...

The amount of restraint it takes not to make inappropriate Tootsie Roll comments is biblical.

the southern hostess said...

Great photos! I don't think I've ever tried the flavored tootsie rolls. I'm intrigued.