Monday, October 19, 2009

fun and free {and yummy}.

i learned something fun a couple weeks ago that i feel i should bestow upon my friends : did you know that williams-sonoma offers cooking technique classes in their stores every sunday at 10am?

i attended fall baking this weekend {bonus, there is a w-s on my street!} and we made some scrumptious treats, including these sweet apple-shaped individual pies.

in case you need some more reasons to go:
- they are themed for the season {holiday hors d'oeuvres, thanksgiving desserts, etc}
and/or practical {knife skills},
- they involve tasting delicious food,
- you receive packets to take home full of yummy recipes,
- their instructors are not only cooks, but a food stylists, so you learn to make things pretty,
- and they are free!

check their store events page for the schedule.

{image on the left by me, on the right from the w-s site}


Mrs. G said...

i get emails for these all the time! and i've been eyeing those little pie pocket do-hickees...they seem so much more fun than just a plain old pie!

kelly said...

aren't they cute?? they're super easy to use...i bought the apple one, and they have pumpkin too.

Julie C. said...


the southern hostess said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm determined to do this before the holidays now!