Sunday, October 11, 2009


i've been all over northern california this weekend.
so, so happy to be on my couch watching the premiere of the new
dallas cowboys cheerleaders: making the team.
{guiltiest pleasure ever that started right after my sister gave birth to lily and we would lay on the couch all day and cuddle her while we watched - hilarious.}

i had such a great girly saturday with danelle, including a cute pumpkin patch photo shoot that i'll post tomorrow. i am currently pretending these pictures from vogue would have been us in the 20's...obsessed!

and, i just updated the links over my sidebar with some newly-discovered blogs that i love. i think this list could grow to have 500 items pretty soon...

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Mrs. G said...

umm...i'm *sort of* addicted to dallas cowboys cheerleaders too...