Friday, October 30, 2009


i quite enjoy a good holiday tradition {i believe this stems from my mother, who would decorate our house from top to bottom for every holiday...i'm talking valentine's decor in the bathrooms, etc}.

however, living in the city can make any spur of the moment decorating a little tough. we wanted to carve pumpkins last night, and the only place that had them was the marina safeway. and i use that term "had them" loosely, as they had approximately 8 banged-up, sad little pumpkins.

i picked the "cutest" one they had {see pic}, and obviously cody went for the most mangled, scarred pumpkin in the bunch {like charlie brown's christmas tree, i guess}.

i also don't receive the newspaper, so we had to cover my floor in pottery barn {and random clothing} catalogues.

some of us were more "intense" about this process than others. ahem.

our end results. cody ended up carving THREE faces into his, but this was my fave. amazing.

have a very happy and safe halloween!
i'll be posting lots of fun costume pics over the weekend.

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