Monday, October 26, 2009

weird news of the day.

apparently NBC Bay Area has decided that my friends and i should be the faces of their new iphone app:

we started getting phone calls from people watching sunday night football last week saying that we were on tv, and my friend taylor took the above picture of her tv screen.

so weird. are they allowed to this?? i'm calling my lawyers {jk...kinda}.


Dan said...

Technically by purchasing a ticket you waived any related "rights" - but moreover there's nothing in terms of remedy that you could hope to pursue legally. Enjoy it - besides you're the only one who had enough sense to rock the 9ers gear despite their piss-poor performance.

Dan said...

I should add, the waiver is by no means defensible on their part (in the same way an NDA is really a show of good faith more than anything else). The best legal system money can buy. But for the record, on anything you ever put a signature you should follow it with appropriate qualifiers regarding legal prejudice.

kelly said...

interesting. we were outside the stadium (parking lot) - does that matter?

and for the record, the niners beat the raiders that day. ;)

Katie said...

Wow - that is pretty crazy (and cool)!

vickiandlou said...

Love you and all your crazy stuff! Such fun to follow your life! Auntie Vicki