Sunday, November 1, 2009

make your own costume : cleopatra

how was your halloween? tricks and treats and all kinds of good fun?

i love dressing up, but i haaaaate packaged costumes. i do not want to spend $59.99 to buy a cheap, plastic-y outfit that looks generic and will never see the light of day after this one night. so when i decided to dress as cleopatra i wanted to avoid any of this:

i had a very rough game plan in my head, but i knew i had to start with a white dress. i found this super soft, comfy jersey knit maxi dress that i knew i could wear again in the summer:

the next step was the wig. for some weird reason, shorter black wigs with bangs {crucial} were priced at about $29.99, while longer "witch" wigs were way cheaper. i bought this one for $9.99 and just got to pretend i was a hairstylist by chopping off a good 18 inches.

i bought some trimmings at joann's fabrics and made a simple 2-strand headband, attached to elastic:

i also found these coin earrings in my jewelry box that i bought at h&m last summer for $3.

the hardest piece to find was a snake ring {remember, cleo allegedly met her demise by an asp}. i finally found one the night before halloween at a claire's. i didn't love it {wish it had been gold}, but it worked.

the best part of this costume was my neckpiece. this necklace was my grandma's, and she got it years and years ago in egypt. the jade scarabs hanging from it were perfect.

i also bought some inexpensive fabric to make upper arm cuffs, a cape, and belt. i hand stitched the gold cuffs, added some jewels, and attached them to elastic so that they'd be more comfortable. i just tucked the teal fabric around the elastic {i wanted to be able to remove it since it was kind of all over the place when i was trying to sit, walk, etc}. i didn't have time to hem the teal, so i burned the edges lightly so it wouldn't fray.

i wore shoes that i already had in my closet:

the last part was the makeup - some teal shadow, lots of liquid liner, and darkened eyebrows {made me nervous}.

in the end, this wasn't TOO difficult
and i managed to save some moolah.
and i am already thinking about next year!


Anonymous said...

Wow -- look at you all crafty n stuff! More pictures please!!

the southern hostess said...

Such a great costume! And you look gorgeous!

misha said...

god you are amazing!

Maddie T. said...

Thanks; needed a costume to dress up my mom for a project!!!

Maddie T. said...

helpful!!!!!! thanks; dressed up my mom for a project!!!!!!!!