Monday, November 30, 2009

oh christmas tree.

we looooove the holiday season!
as soon as i was back in san francisco,
my roommate and i went to pick out our tree.
do not be fooled by these 12-footers; we had to carry out lil guy back to the apt and up 4 flights, so we stuck to a baby.

isn't it lovely? perfect spot by our bay windows.
{ignore the temporary tree skirt please.}

we did all blue/white/silver this year. pretty cute.

the night was complete with egg nog and an itunes full of christmas carols. joy!


Tiffani said...

Christmas is my fav. too! We were also out of town for Thanksgiving so I put up my tree before we left. Your tree looks great! My blog is private now so if you want to look you need to e-mail me with your address so you can check it out:

the southern hostess said...

Gorgeous tree! Love the color choices.