Wednesday, December 30, 2009

NYE prep.

we are treating new year's eve 2010
as if it is prom.

{ example a, our kitchen : }

that right there is an airbrush tanning booth, larger than our fridge. my roommate has taken this up as a hobby and decided to bring the business home for our friends. slightly insane.

{ example b, new year's gifts : }

this is partially because i was lazy on the christmas gift giving, but i made some festive little surprises for people.

{ example c, spanx : }

pretty sure if christmas is about feasting, NYE is about spanx.
we have researched, tried on, and experimented with every variety.
our dresses thank us.

hope you have a safe and festive new year! we will be ringing it in at ana mandara and have 10 people sleeping in our teeny city apartment. cheers!


Katie said...

Have fun tonight - Happy New Year's Eve! :) We love you!

jackiek said...

sounds like such a fun night!
hope you enjoyed it :)
just found your blog and it's super cute :)