Wednesday, December 23, 2009

renegade crafts.

when i attended this fantastic craft fair,
i came away with some very special goodies.

ex libris anonymous takes vintage books and turns them into journals, with some of the original pages scattered throughout the blank ones. they were all so beautiful and different, and still had dedications and inscriptions on the inside covers. isn't that such a lovely idea?

elsie q is a shop of knitwear, clothing, tea towels, and all kinds of fun things. it also happens to be owned by a good friend of misha's! i walked away with this lovely knit piece that can be worn as a neck warmer, or as a headband/ear warmer. love it.

i could have spent so much more time there, but was on a mission to get groceries and clean. next year i hope to explore some of the amazing jewelry and letterpress that they had. such heaven!


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

very cool shop! i love your picture of the book on the sheepskin rug too!

xoxo alison

mishavpdiva said...

nice shout out re: elsieq! such a cute neck warmer!

Ashley said...

That knit piece is too cute! You look lovely. :)