Friday, June 26, 2009

flashback friday {and, vacay is here!}

you know that feeling leading up to vacation where you just feel on EDGE, what with the stress and the time crunch and the omigod i cannot use my blackberry for 5 straight days?!


i am now at my parents' house in sacramento, so excited to be headed up to the beautiful wilderness and away from the crazy industry.

expect to see a rugged woman at the end of next week.  mmhmm.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

circus inspiration.

we know i love a good circus photoshoot, and in a weird coincidence i stumbled on 3 separate ones tonight that made me sooo happy. i love the colors and the spirit...

to : me, love : me.

i bought myself some gifties to compensate for all the overtime i've been putting in since january with all of my cuh-razy tours.

{canon 50mm f/1.8 - perfecto for photographing kiddos}
{soft gold/white reflector, more glamorous than the foam board that i am so fond of...}
yay for being my own sugar daddy!

Monday, June 22, 2009

whap! splat! splash!

i love a city where you can find poems on the busy sidewalks.

{photo taken in north beach.}

Sunday, June 21, 2009

sunburn. ow.

this is what happens when you roll up your t-shirt sleeves in seats on the 3rd base line during a giants day game.

i am dual-toned.  and achy.

{at least zito got the win.}

the definition of "ill-advised"

yesterday began innocently - a jog, some work on this tour, lunch with cody, a trip to the apple store, some more work. but after 45 minutes of hgtv playing in the background of my emailing, i got this glimmer in my mind of completely reorganizing my closet. 

this is where my downfall began.

now, this is super embarrassing, but my closet looked like this after a few weeks of serious neglect:

{side 1 : entrance from my room}
{side 2 : entrance from the living room. yes we live in a weird old san francisco apartment where my closet is essentially a passageway between rooms.}I KNOW. horrifying. so, i emptied it to start over. and it looked all nice again:

but my living room looked like it had been attacked. but really, i organized this into piles. no really.

i quickly became overwhelmed. obviously. and every time i'd get back in there to hang, my blackberry would go off and i'd have a mini panic attack. super fun times in my apartment, guys!

after an emergency trip out of the city to target {seriously, salvation} and the purchase of a variety of closet organizers, i was in business.  i finished around midnight and snapped these this morning.

{living room side}
{love my organizers. shoes were a big part of the prob before.}
{bedroom side. with little stacking shelves for clutches, running shoes, etc.}
so, in the end : victory. but so, so painful getting there.

happy father's day...

i have a wonderful, hilarious, amazing Dad, and i am so lucky for it.

our "real" celebration will be next week when all of his kids/grandkid are in town - woohoo.

happy father's day, dad!

Friday, June 19, 2009

flashback friday

i haven't done a flashback friday in awhile, and what better time than when i'm procrastinating working on miss bey's north american tour kickoff? 

{sidenote: i have found that i actually CAN do good work from my bed...
tucked under the covers...with my laptop. ha.}

this is me, at the wheel in an old vehicle at what i am 99% sure is mountain meadow {parents, can you clarify?}, aka my vacation destination in one mere week from now.

just thinking of the lack of phones...and no blackberries...and no utter absence of email...i cannot wait to be here.


nicole is offering an amazing weekend of workshops in sf - photography, photoshop, letterpress, the list goes on.

i signed up for tabletop photography {i'll figure out how i'm getting out of work later} and now it's sold out!

go go go sign up here before they're all gone!

{p.s. and fyi : this is also my birthday weekend so you'll want to be in sf anyway.}

Thursday, June 18, 2009

nothing like seeing the king of waltz, andre rieu...

a magical night, where white russians were flowing and cody's homemade andre appliques were gleaming.

a night of surprisingly hilarious entertainment {references to the homeland of maastricht were fab}, and oh my god the balloons.

they descended seemingly out of NOWHERE, rendering the crowd of senior citizens shellshocked with joy {and our group of 20-somethings ridiculously gleeful}.

i even got some balloon-static-head.  thank you cody.

in the end --and i am being totally serious-- this night of waltzing and tenors and violins was a cornucopia of whimsy and festivity.  

we even met the man himself...and he winked at me.  mmhmm.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


watch out patti stanger...

i am officially 1/1 in my matchmaking attempts:

darling stacey and blake got engaged over the weekend!

i am now flashing back to my proclamations to stacey prior to their first date that someday i would give a speech at their wedding and they'd name their firstborn kelly...ahhh haha. 

Monday, June 15, 2009

st. francis yacht club on its way to a coveted favorite tag.

my sunday junior league brunch was delish, not to mention the stunning views {it is ON the water} and the charming company.

let's come up with an occasion to go back, okay sf buds?


was just browing old pics...found this one of k.stew on market street when we sat down for a post-farmer's market brunch.  happy flowers.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


i had a strange day...

walking back from brunch i witnessed a serious hit and run. the "hitter" purposefully crashed her car into a minivan because she thought they "stole" her parking spot.

the poor couple who were hit had 2 little ones and a baby in the car. eek. i stayed with them and gave the police my info as a witness and all that. it was pretty scary, and so weird.

to make myself happier after this crazy, deranged road-rager ruined the day, i picked up a kara's cupcake {the BEST in the city}...vanilla coconut. yum.

i still don't understand why people are so psycho though.  let's all play nice, okay sf?

i love to wander...

north beach festival was centered in lovely washington square park under the cathedral, and it was the most gorgeous sunny day.

north beach is the "little italy" part of sf...
can you tell?

the city skyline provides a nice backdrop to all the revelry...bands, food, shopping, and fun and/or scary street performers wandering about.

as i was strolling along i heard a loud "KELLY!" and turned around to find 6 of my lovely chi omega sorority sisters from san diego who were up for a visit. best surprise of the day!

my fave part of this festival are the sidewalk chalk artists...they make masterpieces.

one more festival sf summers.

Friday, June 12, 2009

california academy of science.

any good birthday is celebrated in 2 parts, right?

for part one of dorothy's, we visited the california academy of science {located in golden gate park} for their weekly "nightlife" event. they open the whole museum from 6pm on for adults ages 21+ and have bars and DJs throughout. the exhibits are open, so you can go through the rainforest biosphere, planetarium, etc, and possibly enjoy the penguins a little more with a glass of chardonnay in your hand.

i have to say that the highlight is going up to the "living roof" and watching the sunset.  it amazing to see how everything has flourished on top of the building, since the last time i visited was a few months ago.

and now tonight is part 2 of the birthday celebration...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

summer nights

we are lucky enough to live across from a big park with tennis courts, basketball courts, a library, and several baseball diamonds.  this park is lovely and we look across it to the water and golden gate. amazing view. yes, we are lucky.

...except that in summer, the softball leagues run until midnight-ish.

which means there are lights on.

bright bright lights.

that reflect throughout our living room.

it is daylight at 10pm.

jealous?  hah.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

hey look!

my behbehs performed together in london tonight,
for the finale of B's europe/uk portion of her tour:

georgie was my first tour...
bey is my eternal-never-ending-ever-ever-ever tour.  


Monday, June 8, 2009

cutest way to post a playlist?


Sunday, June 7, 2009

44 cable 12!

there are these ridiculous commercials that run in sf on the local CW channel {couldn't find a real one on youtube but a sort-of example here} during amazing shows like gossip girl. they feature people on the streets of sf rockin out to this addictive song and singing a very passionate: "44 cable TWELVVVVE!"

for some reason, misha and julia bonded over their mutual love/obsession of these, and both randomly sing that all the time.

imagine our surprise when...

yes, my babies are going to be stars. SO HILARIOUS.
they told misha to dance and i don't think they knew what was coming...

i truly cannot wait until this airs. what a magical day.

we collected our 90210 sunglasses {a thank you for our participation} and continued on through the festival, with a pit stop to kiss some edward cullen. mmhmm.

{p.s. see all the union street weekend pics here}