Friday, July 31, 2009

right now

we're in the hotel,
post mani-pedi,
getting ready for mary & ryan's rehearsal dinner.

yay wedding weekend #3!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

best day ever.

remember how awhile ago i met timmy and brian?

today basically all my remaining dreams came true when we saw 
pablo "kung fu panda" sandoval 
at safeway.

he's only my faaaaave giant and the best player ever

and i only freaked out mildly {or, hilariously stupidly}.

as someone who worked for a professional sports team, i sure am easily excited.

happy day.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


you need a little honey to sweeten a bitter day {week?}

{photo of the honey stick booth from the ferry building farmer's market}

Monday, July 27, 2009

love letter to my neighborhood

by halee hatlestad.

Three melodic, high-rent syllables tap-dance across my tongue:

Through good and bad, bubbles and recessions—even involuntary adulthood—you’ve stuck with me. You wrap a blanket of fog around me and let me know it’s OK to hibernate, that it’s OK to escape my racing mind at a matinee. You spoil me with weather: Your frugal ration of heat waves makes them all the more special. The unbridled colors of the sunsets—pink, gold, optimistic—reach out and take my hand. You’ve encouraged me to stand naked on my roof in a rainstorm. Yes, I love you back. Headed south across the Golden Gate Bridge I admire you from afar, always thinking: how stunning, every inch of you. A tsunami would put us oceanfront, but for now, there’s Marina Boulevard. Remember my late-night jog when a fox trotted alongside me on the seawall? Thank you for the sweet surprises. For 14 years, your foghorns have rocked me to sleep, reminding me of the call of mating elk. What a sweet lullaby you sing. Thank you for the companionship. Chestnut Street: a well-choreographed set where the independently lonesome go to be alone together. Enter stage left: a familiar face and brief yet comforting exchange, all for the mere cost of a cup of coffee. What you lack in diversity ... well, you lack in diversity. But any good relationship is guilty of boring conversation and your silence—albeit rare—is beautiful.

Marina, with you I watch the moon rise.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

rosalie + colin = <3

another weekend, another wedding - the story of my summer o' love.

my lovely sister, on the right, was a bridesmaid in this beautiful affair.

rosalie and colin were married at the santa maria church in orinda.

this wedding was amazing in so many ways, but mostly for its multi-cultural touches. rosalie had her family from the philippines, colin had his family of scottish descent, and they melded together in such a fun celebration.

bagpipes were of course necessary:

after the ceremony we headed to the orinda country club, which has a gorgeous natural setting.

this weekend we received so many comments about how we look alike, even someone asking if we are twins. i'm like...ahem...she is 5 years older. THANKS.

{jk, kate. love you.}
everyone at our table during dinner would go raid the candy jars for laffy taffy...yum.

just evidence of my four, yes FOUR, drink options during dinner. not sure how that happened?

rose and colin had two amazing wedding cakes...guess who the eagles fan is. he didn't even want to cut the helmet because it was sacrilege!

father-daughter dance.
the beautiful architecture of the country club.

the newlyweds started their first dance with a very slow, romantic waltz...

and it was a total fakeout.

15 seconds later, sexyback was blaring and the choreography was busted out. hilarious.

men in kilts certainly liven up a celebration.

congratulations to the happy couple!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

favorite place no. 6 : sam's

"the coldest winter i ever spent
was a summer in san francisco."
- mark twain

today the temperature did not hit 60 degrees.

that's right...california in july, and winter coats and boots are all over this city. so, as i was sorting through pictures and saw these from a couple weekends ago i figured i should post them in an attempt to will the weather into decency again.

sam's is an amazing waterfront restaurant & bar located in tiburon, just across the water from my home in the sf marina. you can reach it by ferry or a quick drive over the golden gate.

when the weather is sunny and beautiful, it is PACKED.

we sat in the outdoor bar area for about 2 hours waiting for our table, sipping on curzon rum and cream soda, one of their signature drinks {i know, boozin a little early, but it was a friday off from work}.

the food is super yummy,
and the waiters even make tents for your fries so the seagulls won't make off with them {genius}!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

literary city

i love this poster of my city.

{first seen on withoutmelissa}

Sunday, July 19, 2009

jenny + dan = love

j&d are hitched!

yesterday was a perfect day with so many good friends.

jenny and dan married at the bel air presbyterian church,
high up on a hill with absolutely stunning views.

there were no photos allowed during the {beautiful, intimate, romantic} ceremony, but we certainly compensated outside after it was over!

this one taken by tyler : "ohhhh that's a keeper!"

the stunning bride.

the reception was at the malibu west beach club, and looked like a scene from a postcard.

there were bright pink and blue accents everywhere to go with the beachy tans and whites.

we enjoyed gin & lemonade cocktails {so delish} and mango quesadillas while the sun set and we prepared for a fabulous dinner.

after the meal we caught up with jenny some more,
and she jokingly demonstrated how the LA paparazzi were out in full effect.

what a perfect evening o' love.

for more wedding & reception pics {dancing, silliness, and a behind-the-back garter catch (wow!)} you can visit my full album here.

happiest place on earth

i am writing this from the comfiest hotel bed i have ever been in
...yay for la.

i took advantage of this trip {which is really for jenny & dan's wedding} to meet up with erin and go to one of my fave places ever, disneyland. as a child i believe i uttered the words :

"i'd rather go to disneyland than europe"

much to my well-traveled family's dismay.

but...i still love it more than any 20-something should.

{main street}



{the rivers of america}

{it's a small world}


ice cream and churros for dinner, 90+ degrees, bottoming out out pirates of the caribbean, minnie ears all day...what an experience. i slept for 10 hours last night {much-needed} and the feet still ache today.

and it's still my favorite.