Monday, August 31, 2009


last night i attended a recipe tasting party to try out dishes for our forthcoming junior league cookbook.

my job was to make and bring the most amazing spiced sangria - it was divine! unfortunately i can't share the delicious recipe until after the cookbook {called san francisco entertains} comes out, but i took some ingredient pictures along the way.

a LOT of fruit...
one of the finished pitchers - YUM!
hopefully this one makes the cut into the cookbook.
i will definitely be making it again for the next soiree we host.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


this weekend turned into the best baseball stretch in the world
as the giants swept the rockies {hooray!}

before the game started yesterday we were looking out at this gorgeous view...

when i turned to my left to see this:
sleepy bears! haha. i think the all-day frolicking in heat with cold beers took a toll. naptime it was {until the game started of course}. hilarious.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


i love how we all freak out when it's hot in the city-
i grew up in a place where 110ยบ was not unusual in summer!

in sf when it hits the high 80s, it starts to feel like the end of days...ugghhh.

today we'll be roasting in the marina,
and then at the giants game. wish us luck.

{photo from the marina, near the st francis yacht club}

Friday, August 28, 2009


i haaaaate doing laundry.
the lugging of clothes, the money, the waiiiiiting to finish.

so this week i tried a wash'n'fold at my roommate's recommendation : HEAVEN.

dropped off 5 loads {i know}, picked up the next afternoon, and i calculated that it cost me approximately $9 more than doing it at my laundromat. it was neatly folded, wrapped in pretty blue paper, and they brought it out to my car. amazing.

{image here.}

Thursday, August 27, 2009


occasionally i google map my address
to look at street view to see if anything fun
{i.e. my car, my roommate, our neighbor's sweet puppy}
made it into the scene;
we used to track the construction in the park across the street that way.

i know, i'm super cool.

they happened to catch our apartment on a heavenly day,
and i think it looks rather lovely.

thanks googs.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

favorite place no. 7 : judy's

i am not sure how i've neglected to write about
the BEST brunch spot in the marina : judy's.

i am already a huuuuge fan of a marina brunch, especially when you can sit on the sidewalk of chestnut st. and watch all the fun. this is my absolute go-to when we have friends visiting.

come for delicious {and huge} mimosas, bloody marys & bellinis,

and for the famous and utterly DIVINE cream cheese french toast {before i lived in sf, i'd come visit misha, we'd go to a workout class at the ymca, and then come here and stuff ourselves with this - genius}.

a word to the wise : they only take cash, so come prepared! best breakfast you will ever have, i promise.


i had so many pretty flowers from my birthday,
so i decided to take some pics before they died.

{click to see big}

Monday, August 24, 2009

battle of the bay.

i braved being the only niners fan in a pack of my scary raider-loving girls to go to the niners-raiders pre-season game.

{as former employees i understand their loyalty...kinda.}

see how even small children can be scary in black and silver??
obviously i utilized this:
the niners won {yay} and we all went out to north beach after to enjoy the evening with our favorite raiders qb, brucey. i obviously cheer for him --and his fab touchdown pass-- but can't deny my niner love.

Friday, August 21, 2009

different strokes.

i {along with many, many other bloggers} am basically obsessed with the jeffrey campbell unicorn heels.

yes, they are sort of insane, yes they are 121 buckaroos, but they are impossibly hard to find and amazing.

today, lulus got a shipment. i excitedly clicked the link to debate if i should do it, and cody asked to see too. after informing me that "buying these costs as much as a pair of jordans" he informed me that they are atrocious, hideous, ludicrous, etc.

this opinion was confirmed by several other co-workers.

ha. am i the delusional one? guess so.

so, despite my crazy love for such a weird costume shoe, i am opting to save my $121 and perhaps use it toward the new bedding below.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


i have visions of redecorating my room...clearing out clutter...changing furniture layout...etc.


my absolute fave bedding is cirrus from anthropologie:

but it is mighty expensive.

west elm has this lovely organic pin-tuck bedding that comes close:

thoughts? is anthro worth it?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

in case you're looking for some music,

these are my go-to albums these days while i'm working.

the script.
sometimes reminds me of : u2, james morrison, maroon 5, dispatch
fave songs : the man who can't be moved, before the worst

diane birch.
sometimes reminds me of : kt tunstall, bonnie raitt
fave songs : fools, rewind, rise up

raphael saadiq.
sometimes reminds me of : john legend, the temptations, stevie wonder
fave songs : kelly ray, let's take a walk, love that girl

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

chuck + blair 2.0

i received so many great gifts for my bday {seriously, i'm spoiled} -
camera gear & classes from my parents, lots of books, flowers, clothes, even a fabulous print i blogged about previously {from misha!}.

the one gift i didn't expect was...

melissa & nick {aka the funniest couple ever} surprised me with the frog-o-sphere from brookstone. i now have not one, not two, but THREE baby pets!
{that would be 2 froggies and one cleaner joke.}

i truly find this to be hilarious.

i wanted to name the froggies after the gifters but got the veto, so i picked my next fave couple:


Monday, August 17, 2009

the weekend.

hoping you all had a fabulously fun weekend like i did!

prior to our gathering, my sweet roomie picked up a fun party frock that she knew i'd love...amazing!

sweet clayton, and julia, josh, and kach.
cody codes!
all of my loves...
on sunday we {amazingly rallied} for a sunglasses-on sunday funday dance party. what a crew.

tomorrow i'll post pictures of the BEST birthday gift ever...just you wait.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

birthdays past.

today i am 26. yippee!

my photos of childhood birthdays indicate a taste for princess hats and/or crowns. seems about right.

thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes i've received today! it's time to partaaay.

Friday, August 14, 2009


as part of my photo teacher nicole's art weekend seminars {descriptions here}, she taught a course on tabletop photography. i took some vacation hours this afternoon to attend, and below are some of my best shots.

nicole bought the lemon tarts at tartine, an amazing pastry shop in the mission close by the studio where class is held. she styled the table with input from the class on dishes, linens, etc.

we learned some fancy tips for styling bottles to look cold {and have condensation} without having water drip everywhere...sneaky.
i seriously love nicole's classes.

{and now all i want to do is buy pretty food and drink so i can photograph it some more!}

love through photobooth.

i just talked to my niece on the phone, and her exuberant "hi auntie!" seriously made my day. yesterday i had inadvertently opened photobooth on my mac and took a glimpse through some of the cute pics lily and i have taken since she was a wee little girl:

the bedhead in the last one is my fave. miss her!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

cuppy cakes.

if you thought my sister was great after that post, just wait.

she must be vying hard for sibling of the year 2009 awards
{which she wins by default, but who cares}.

katie surprised me with 2 dozen of my very favorite cupcakes in the world, from karas, delivered to my office for an early birthday treat!

{pardon the dark iphone pics}
needless to say, she's my co-workers' favorite sister too.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i am feeling very official.

my sister got me the starbucks gold card
{slogan : for people who REALLY love starbucks}.
i was verrrry excited to use it for the first time, and my usual baristas were like "whoaaaa kelly's gettin serious!" {yes, i have MY baristas. i go there a LOT.} mmhmm.

thank you for such a thoughtful/useful/fun gift, sister!
my caffeine-deprived mornings thank you too.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


my darling partner in crime, elizabeth {who went out on the road when we worked on celine and beyonce together}, found me the sweetest early birthday gift from anya hindmarch :

how perfect is that for a girl who works in touring? i just love it.

see all the fab anya accessories here, with cute sayings like "lunch money", "coffee coins", and more.

Monday, August 10, 2009

a word of advice.

don't ever assume that you will be "fine" taking the 7am flight home from vegas on sunday. you will be exhausted. you will be delirious. red bull will make it worse. trust.


i am alive, and obvi a little crazy after this weekend + a full workday + a giants-dodgers game.

a few viva las vegas pics {with the reliable point-and-shoot...i am not to be trusted with the good cam when champagne is being consumed} :