Wednesday, September 30, 2009

favorite place no. 10 : tapas.

{ok...sort of cheating because i'm not narrowing this to one specific place. but it still works.}

in the past few months, kelly stew and i find ourselves going to eat at tapas restaurants all the time, and we are pretty obsessed.
there is something so fun about ordering a large variety of very small bites {and washing them down with sangria, usually}. it makes for a very social meal.

{at cha cha cha}
last night she took me to loló in the mission, and it was divine. i am going to start compiling a list of the great ones for future reference {and cause it's fun to add on by trying new restaurants}.

our faves:
  1. loló - san francisco {mission}
  2. cha cha cha - san francisco {haight ashbury}
  3. andalu - san francisco {mission}
  4. firefly - las vegas {off the strip...and so worth it!}

{at firefly with a group of babes}
our next stop needs to be iluna basque in north beach, home to this season's lovable frenchy-poo top chef contestant mattin!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

if you'd like to see what pure joy looks like.

please examine this photo of my roommate and i in our little hilarious world. this cracks me up.

Monday, September 28, 2009

results part two.

for the second half of the self-portrait assignment {a series of objects representing you}, i set up a little still life. but, i couldn't decide if it was too busy with the way i initially envisioned, so i did a simpler style too.

which do you like better?

{and, my list of objects: vintage book, my fave coffee cup, purple flowers {fave color}, my favorite necklace, british coins from when i lived in london, and a beyonce ticket from vancouver...just cause it's the only one i could find. hah.}

Sunday, September 27, 2009


i took saturday morning to work on my self-portrait assignment.

i wanted to do something fun and bright and whimsical, so i created a balloon wall in my kitchen {haha!}. ridiculous - i loved it and didn't want to take it down.

i'm glad this part is done, and wasn't TOO painful - i finished in time to meet cody for lunch at our fave marina burger spot - barneys. mmm. i'll post the 2nd half of the assignment tomorrow!

Friday, September 25, 2009


our last assignment from my recent photo class is to take 2 kinds of self-portraits:
  1. standard. you're in it, you can see your face clearly, and it shows some personality.
  2. creative. you're not in the picture, and it's a series of objects representing you. if you showed this to a family member or friend, they should be able to know it's you just from this picture.

i am working on this assignment tomorrow...wish me luck.
lots of luck.

{photo of my great roomie}

Thursday, September 24, 2009


sometimes the "mistake" pictures turn out cuter than the real ones. this hazy, slightly blurry pic is one of my faves from the wedding weekend.
i love my nandini.

a timely follow-up.

a mere day after i posted about stephmodo and la maisonette makeover, design*sponge featured it as well! the after pictures are to DIE for. click here to see them all.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

organ donor

another genius quote, posted on the always-amazing le love.

la vie francaise.

i am totally a francophile {when i'm not busy being an anglophile}.

i loooove french history, speaking french, and visiting france. i've noticed myself really missing the french classes i took at l'alliance francaise when i lived in sacramento. i might enroll here in sf, but in the meantime, i've compiled a list of my current french obsessions for you...
  • stephmodo and her husband bought a 500-year-old stone cottage at the base of a castle in rural france and spent months documenting the renovation. it is amazing! see the first post and last post, but if you want to read the whole journey {so worth it} click on the tag "la maisonette" and you can read the archives. wow.
  • sacres couers is such a sweet blog that i discovered when lucie commented here. such neat pictures and the duel french-english helps me make sure i know what i'm reading...heh.
  • i've been using downtime at work to listen to these coffee break french podcasts {which are sort of hilarious because the teachers have incredibly thick irish accents}. they're simple, a great refresher, and FREE {love that}.
  • and, just for fun {and not current}, a photo from halloween last year when i wore my favorite costume - marie antoinette. nothing like a sky-high wig to get some attention. i need to figure out this year's costume asap!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

la jolla shores.

a visit to san diego is not complete without a little reunion with my favorite beach, la jolla shores.

the morning after the wedding we headed out for a lovely catered mexican meal {the groom's parents sponsored, which was so sweet} and some insane laughter in the sand!

Monday, September 21, 2009

nicky + josh = love

this wedding was such a hard one to document, since i was busy reuniting with all of my favorite ucsd friends.

we were at the beautiful estancia in la jolla {literally across the street from campus}. the lush grounds were so gorgeous.

in total nicky fashion, there was a theme, and in total josh fashion, that theme was baseball.

how ridiculous are all of these little details?

i LOVED their favors - it was darling pancake mix with "hey Batter Batter" on the box. and instead of seating cards, they printed tickets with your table's section number. just so fun.

below is a shot that we laughed at ALL weekend - nandini has long arms. we think we see three elbows.

i seriously have zero pictures of the happy bride and groom - whoops.

but they should be happy to know that we had the time of our lives dancing the night away and re-enacting sorority dances - ha.

{pretty sure you can see the sweaty hair and excitement below - me with two of my fave bridesmaids.}

Sunday, September 20, 2009


san diego was so lovely.
the beach, the friends, the memories, and the amazing wedding.

i am sleepily watching the emmy pre-show now, but going through all of the fun photos. hope you had an exciting weekend as well!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

travelin gal.

i've been all over the place lately, and this weekend is no different - off to san diego for my darling nicky's wedding, which will be a fabulous ucsd reunion with all my favorite people.

enjoy your weekend, and i'll post some sd pics on sunday!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

favorite place no. 9 : miette

i love when i can combine a photo project {in this case, environmental portraiture} with something i'd love to shoot anyway.

miette is a beautiful patisserie full of goodies like cakes, candy, and of course, macaroons. i ventured in on saturday morning and asked the girl working if i could take photos of her and details of the shop...she said no {cue sad music} but that another girl would be working later.

i came back that afternoon and was greeted by my new lovely "model" who was great. the shop was packed, so we'd wait for the line to die down so she could actually work, and then snap a few here and there.

here are some faves...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

magazine cover

i have a very tolerant roommate who graciously poses for any photo projects i have.

this saturday i caught her on her way out the door, begged for a second, and had her put on some {totally norm} deep-red lips. i laughed as we set up this totally low-budg situation in our kitchen...she was seriously leaning against our wine fridge for this first one.

i am more of a fan of the above - men's tuxedo shirt, heavily backlit, soft on the face.

but, just for fun, we also went for a typical lady mag - big smile, flowing hair, and the jewelry pose. i think she looks fab!

the best part about this is when i went to upload these to our class website, i saw that others did like, real simple/good housekeeping...why did that not cross my mind?? would have been so much easier. ha. love the portraits.

Monday, September 14, 2009

panda hat.

{update! for better panda hat pics, go here}
i bought
this cute hat on etsy last week in order to properly represent my favorite giants player, pablo "panda" sandoval {remember when i met him? ha}. i wanted to take a picture of us so you could see the cuteness, but i only had my iphone.

at first we looked happy {see left pic}.

after 42 tries and me wailing "but you can't see the EARS"...
poor cody wasn't so into it {hence the right pic}.

anyway, giants win 9-1. all is good.

tomorrow i'll be posting some of this week's photo projects...until then, goodnight!

2 years ago today...

the world's cutest niece was born.

{though she looked a wee bit smaller back then.}

happy birthday, lily! your auntie loves you!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

sweet nothings.

yesterday we shot macaroons in a few different ways...
i loved the map of paris used as our background.

don't they look divine?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

on pupusas and thunderstorms.

last night we celebrated misha's birthday
with pupusas and mariachi bands in the outer mission.

after such a fun night, i awoke this morning at 5am to cuh-razy lightning and thunder
and absolutely torrential rain.

today feels like fall...just got a pumpkin spice latte and am now off to a lighting seminar with nicole. have a lovely saturday!

Friday, September 11, 2009

i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me

...but no, i actually won the giveaway from rockstar diaries!


i never win anything {but i guess that's what everyone says}. i am so so so lucky to have won what i considered the BEST giveaway naomi has run, for this darling shabby apple dress:

what a lovely friday suprise. thanks naomi!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


one of our photo assignments this week was to take a random object out of a 'grab bag' and photograph it six totally different ways.

i picked a little heart hole puncher.

{others in my class received hair rollers, staples, shower cap, and i think i did ok}.

i love how cheerful these are!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

conversation piece.

i have never ever gotten so many compliments on a piece of jewelry as i did from this:

shopgirls, co-workers, my photo teacher, random strangers in elevators - they raved {and in 2 cases even grabbed the darn thing while on my neck}.

it is the work of the fabulous old soul, new heart which i highly recommend, not only for the gorgeous and unique pieces, but also for their amazing work and darling wrapping that they send these gems in.

wondering what's going to happen when i wear the headband i bought...


lately i've been exceptionally lazy - i am attributing this to a crazy few months at work with 5 nutty tours going on at once {or at least, i use that to comfort myself}.

instead of cleaning my room, i watch my so-called life on hulu.
instead of running errands, i go to giants games 4 times/week.

and apparently, i do half of my photo class homework on time, and leave the other half until the last minute. today i spent my lunch doing photoshoots by the window in our office. amazing.

many more photos to come!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

model friends : misha {again!}

i am so lucky to have a friend willing to don festive dresses and frolic around my neighborhood while i take pictures. only mild trespassing occured...haha.

isn't misha gorgeous?? we followed this sesh with crepes, fro-yo, and a nice shopping trip. lovely day!

{more images here.}