Monday, January 25, 2010

big news.

yesterday during the NFC conference finals
i started freaking out when the vikings scored first
{i am a saints supporter...and a kim k supporter}

so i put on this fleur de lis necklace as a little talisman of support.

it worked, clearly.

after that insane game, the girls and i celebrated over a sushi dinner and jokingly looked up flights to miami on our phones, planning our fake trip to see the saints in their first super bowl.

today, i got to the office, and was met with the news that my amazing boss is sending me there.

i am going to the superbowl.
yes my job has perks.
yes this is the greatest perk of all time.
yes i will be taking 1000 pictures.



misha said...


now you just need to get me a ticket for mariah.

the southern hostess said...

How cool! Have fun.