Friday, January 22, 2010

the state of my life right now.

a defining characteristic of my life would be the phrase:
easily-sprained ankles.

i have done ligament damage the following ways, since age 14:
  • playing basketball.
  • playing volleyball.
  • goofing off on the sidelines of a volleyball tournament, thus falling into another game's court and halting play.
  • taking my dog outside to pee.
  • crossing a picket line at a grocery store, crumpling to the ground and forcing the picketers stop and help me {their former enemy}. incidentally, this was also on halloween, so my roommate spent an interesting night in the waiting room of the san diego kaiser ER with vampires and slutty princesses.
  • walking. i literally took a bad step on my way to a biology class in college, bailed, FAINTED, and forced the ucsd campus helper people in a cart to come bring me to student health. then spent 3 weeks on crutches on a 2000 acre campus of hills.
  • walking again. this time in london right before going on a backpacking trip in spain.
so, this week, while attempting to WALK into my office, i slipped on a wet sidewalk in the rain {stormy week, as you know} and hurt my right ankle. i now dress like a soccer mom and wear running shoes with jeans to work.

upside: my collection of ankle braces and air casts is seeing some time in the world.

thank you, life.


Katie said...

I can actually think of two more times you hurt your ankle: once in a restaurant in Napa and once going up stairs in the St. Catherine of Siena church. Wasn't there also a fall on the garage steps? You poor thing!!! Love you!

misha vp said...

sad day! take care of yourself!