Thursday, January 14, 2010

wishing we currently were in june.

misha came over last night to discuss our impending vacation {or, as we like to loudly squeal, "trip of a lifetime!"} to greece. as we browsed amazing hotels, ferry schedules and photos of the acropolis and the islands...we just about died.

see why?
our conversations kept getting more ridiculous, from feta cheese to clubs in mykonos to sunsets from the caldera. as we got more and more excited, we decided to add on istanbul at the end {i believe the actual reasoning went something along the lines of "what's a few hundred dollars, and why wouldn't you blow all of your vacation days at once??"}.

have any of you had the joy of traveling to greece or turkey? any tips to impart? i've read maggie mason's awesome account and my frommers guide has earmarked pages already. i'd love any wisdom you have.

{i would also love the next 5 months to hurry up already.}
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