Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i often have big ideas.

...and my friends often loathe me for convincing them to partake.

on saturday, the much-hyped king tut exhibit at the de young was FREE to the public, with limited tickets being handed out only on that day. this is key not because we'd save $15 or whatever, but because this exhibit has been sold out for MONTHS, and leaves the city in march.

so...i called kelly stew, the usual partner in crime for my stupid ideas. i convinced her to let me pick her up at 7:30 {museum opens at 9} so that we'd get in right away for this.

now imagine this line when we got to golden gate park...TIMES 400:

the line literally stretched out of the museum complex, over a bridge, down the road, and like, into the ocean. yikes.

we waited anyway. it was cold.

after 2+ hours in line we were assigned our tickets...for an entry time occurring 3 hours later. {and i'm saying over and over to kelly "isn't this FUN?!"}. let's just say we spent a lot of time in the museum cafe and systematically exploring the rest of the exhibits. we are experts on amish quilts, african masks, and arts-and-crafts style chairs.

but when we finally made it to our appointment with king tut, it was totally awesome. look at this lil fella...could it not be amazing?

if you're in sf, i highly recommend that you check this out, even if it requires a craigslist ticket purchase since it's sold out. you will be amazed by 3000+ year old bling, dark and twinkly exhibits {no photos allowed, sadly} and crazy tomb artifacts.

can't wait for the next genius adventure!

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Holly said...

ooo I nerdified myself and went to this last month! i really want to go to the Cartier exhibit at the Legion!