Thursday, February 11, 2010

superbowl weekend recap!

i will start by saying this was the best weekend ever.
how could it not be?

we took a redeye on friday night {did not sleep a wink, thank you to the old man with a hearing aid who could not control the volume of his voice}, and headed straight to a yacht:

i think the adrenaline kept us from feeling TOO exhausted.
we would dock at various bars and restaurants
to enjoy the sunshine...and it was gorgeous.
after our day on the boat we hastily cleaned up,
ordered room service, and hit the W hotel for a superbowl party.
we ended up having so many friends in miami for the weekend,
which was amazing!
game day arrived and we were flipping out.
i was terrified that i'd lose our tickets.
{can you see my lucky saints necklace?}
we got our gear on {WHO DAT tees!}
and collected our fancy pants pins.
there were some...passionate fans everywhere!

our seats were on the 50 yard flyover and fireworks gave us chills.first half? not so great for us saints fans.
second half? AMAZING.

jason missed the on-side kick because he was buying hot chocolate for his lady. tee hee...good man.the interception was the best sports moment i have ever experienced. truly insane.

and second best might be when the place exploded for the saints!
what a nutty experience. i lost my voice {and it's still gone today...4 days after!} and we couldn't get over it.

on monday we dragged ourselves out of bed and headed to south beach. first stop: DASH {if you watch any kardashian-related reality tv you'll understand the importance}.
lunch and sangria on ocean drive...just so perfect.
the flight home was much better than the way there...but now i am plotting on how to get back!

{to see all my pics, click here.}

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