Tuesday, February 2, 2010

will you accept this rose?

do you guys watch the trainwreck that is the bachelor?
we love it in my house. best monday ritual.

this week the bach {jake the earnest and midwestern-valued pilot} and his bevy of crazies came to my city, san francisco, for their dates. i realized while watching that i have gone on every single one of these dates, except with my girls, not a dashing abc-selected man.

tenley's date: cable car ride and coit tower.

my version:
quads aching after a walk up the horridly steep hill on the way to coit tower.
slight variation...we were more interested in the smush-penny machine than an intimate table for 2, but whatev.
vienna's & gia's "2-on-1" {their words, not mine} date: castle winery in napa.

my version:
corrie's date: boats in stow lake & california academy of science.
{i have big posts about these two activities here & here!}

my version:

ali's date: strolling around union street and marina green.
{this is my hood! i have posted about union st & the marina here, here, here, & here. whoa.}

my version:

the flower shop where ali referred to jake as her "big flower" {barf.}:
and apparently ali and i run on the same stretch of marina green. you know i'm gonna be on the lookout next time!

so...i really hope any of you guys watched last night cause it was probably the most tedious post to compile. the things i do for reality tv...


Mrs. G said...

LOVE this post! and of course...loving monday nights these days :-)

mishavpdiva said...

i feel like i watched the episode now!


Tiffani said...

Fun post! We can't go to bed without watching it, I am so addicted!

JMay said...

haha, this is so cute.

We are neighbors ;-)


Al said...

Thats awesome that you put all that effort in for the name of reality tv! of course its totally worth it!

Jess said...

Love this post! Love Mondays!! (We do the same thing at my house...shhhh, we don't tell that to anyone but Katie...she might be the only one to understand that addiction ;)....but I love it just the same!) That is so fun that you have all those same pictures! It is a re-cap of the whole episode, really! AWESOME!