Monday, March 8, 2010


do you ladies wear hats?
i love them. especially fun orange hats or panda hats.

newest one is from urban outfitters:

apparently i made up my own way to wear it, since it doesn't look like this on their website. to each her own!


Smile, Emily said...

I do like hats! I recently bought a wide brim straw hat, which I wore 24/7 during my beach vacation last week. I find that hats give that extra little touch to an outfit, and they shade your face which is a plus. I like the way you're wearing the urban outfitters one better than the model's version.
x Emily

the southern hostess said...

Gorgeous photo!

Jess said...

Um, when you come to visit next time can we schedule some kind of rock star photo shoot with just us girls?!?! Anyone else in? Katie? Mis? Anyone!! You take great pics! So random, so fun, so artsy!