Monday, March 1, 2010

random thoughts from a lazy blogger.

i will post real things soon. promise.
  • i am surprisingly bummed that the olympics are over. i normally don't get too jazzed about the winter games, but this year i felt the spirit to the point that i was routinely weeping at the human interest stories and/or screaming at the tv.
  • tonight's bachelor finale is hitting USA-Canada levels of excitement. and pretty sure our nation is once again standing united against our opponent {vienna = crosby with blonde extensions}.
  • mariah was OUT OF CONTROL. she can't move in her tight outfits and 6" heels, her dancers struggle to lift her in the air as the "choreography" requires, and she bitches at the band and her staff throughout the show. this, friends, was entertainment. she still sounds great though.
  • the following image of my "recent calls" will indicate just how determined roomie and i were to get la canasta tonight. yes, they have 2 numbers, and no, we would not accept defeat.

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