Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the cuteness.

i am thrilled to be throwing a wedding shower in june for my bestie danelle. now that {almost} all of the invites have gone out, i can finally share with you the insane cuteness that are her invitations, designed by frenchie & flea.

first, let's talk location...my absolute fave, crown & crumpet. i wish i could throw parties here every weekend.

we call danelle "pink bunny" {great nickname, i must say}, so what could be more perfect? i wanted a custom invitation for her, so i worked with the amazing emily at f&f on the design. my communication went something along the lines of "err...alice in wonderland? pink? anthropologie? stripes? help?" luckily, she's amazing, and came up with the most darling design:

in addition to being an amazing designer, emily was superwoman-fast with these. they sat on my desk at work for my co-workers to ooh and ahh at before i finally sent them out earlier this month. thank you frenchie & flea for being so wonderful!

{all images from this post at the f&f blog}


Katie said...

Those invitations are so cute! Can I come? :) I'm sure you guys will have so much fun!

the southern hostess said...

So freakin' cute! I love it.

Danelle said...

Kel you are THE MOST AMAZING M.O.H. EVER!! I am so unbelievably lucky. :) I cannot wait for this amazing day!

btw Katie, if you happen to be over here from Houston that weekend...you better be at our tea party! :)

Kel I think this is my first comment for you...I didn't realize that I didn't need to have my own blog to post! This is a fabulous discovery.

Nandini said...

so sad i'm missing this, it all looks amazing (and delicious)!! Can't wait to see photos! Love to you both!!