Monday, April 26, 2010

giant weekend!

let me start this post by thanking the giants' marketing staff for creating the most ridiculous, amazing giveaways for their ticket buyers. this weekend featured back-to-back glorious items:

#1 : snuggie night!

how genius is this? especially in a city that regularly features 50-degree nights in july...a snuggie is the perfect game accessory.

{the snuggie/knees view from our fave seats in the park}

#2 : pablo sandoval bobblehead day

in our annual tradition, we picnicked in willie mays plaza with yummy sandwiches, disguised beer, and cards/dice to keep us to entertained...for the 4 hours before the gates opened. some of us got bored, apparently.

looking sunburned and tired...but with the panda!

after zito's amazing victory, we watched the sharks win their playoff series at public house {the bar attached to at&t park} and then meandered through the orange-lit palm trees. perfect weekend!

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