Thursday, April 22, 2010

opinions needed : "comfort" footwear

today misha reminded me of my hunt for a comfortable gladiator-style sandal for our trip to greece and turkey {gilt has simple sandals on sale today...cute, but i am indecisive}. i need something versatile that i can wear with short & long dresses, shorts, etc, and it needs to be more comfy than the little steve madden-ish things i don while i frolic around san francisco.

my zappos search under the terms "comfort" {which: SCARY, 90% of the time} and then filtered by "gladiator" produced the following favorites:

{clockwise from top left: ecco - $130, born - $90, frye - $148,
fitzwell - $69, ugg - $130, naturalizer - $64.95}

do any of you have experience with these brands? i've worn ugg and fitzwell as boots, so not sure how the sandals are. i am sure that i've owned naturalizer in my life, and they look pretty comfy.

and what are your favorites? are any of these too fug to consider gallivanting around the islands in? opinions desired!


the mvp said...

i like the ugg ones...they're the metallic ones on the bottom, right? so cute!

btw...went on major shopping spree today...for our trip! got some cute stuff. can't wait to show you!


Julie C. said...

I like top right and bottom left, the top right might rub on the back of your heels though..

Jacqueline said...

I know that you have owned Naturalizers because we both had the same black heels. They were the black peep toe heels that you bought while working for the Kings because of the stairs, and I bought them after I broke my foot. I loved those shoes. I think you should think which color will be more versatile too.