Friday, May 21, 2010

i love my friends.

my best college girls have a group known as WUB.
{this stands for "what up bitchesssss!"}
we have an email listserve where we send updates, hilarious stories, links, taunt each other, and plan reunion trips.

lately the WUB emails have been focused on fixing up my favorite resident of india with another WUB's co-worker. nandini is not amused, nor impressed. today things took a hilarious turn when this man's qualities were espoused via an excel spreadsheet:

the fact that i live in a world where a man's "pony tail" is not an all-the-way negative frightens me.

happy friday, everyone.

1 comment:

mandy@harper's happenings said...

bahahahahaha! way too scary! ponytail = negative ghostrider. :]